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Transportation requests for the 2015-16 school year
Students who reside more than 2.5 miles from the attendance center they attend may complete a transportation request any time after July 13, 2015 provided no information on the request will change before the new school year begins.
Transportation requests for students who live less than 2.5 miles from the attendance center they attend (Pay-to-Ride Program) may complete a transportation request at the district office beginning August 12.  Requests will be accepted on a first come, first serve, space available basis. Seat assignments for students living less than 2.5 miles from their attendance center will not be determined until August 17th.  Fees associated with the pay-to-ride program must be paid (a check is preferred, sorry no debit/credit cards are accepted) in order to reserve your space in line for any available seats. 
All persons completing a transportation request must provide proof of residency (driver’s license and a utility bill in their name) at the time the transportation request is submitted.

NEW Elementary School "Open House" July 25th
We will have the building open for students and parents, scavenger hunt,  and refreshments.  A “celebration of community” that provides the very best for our Tonganoxie students.​
Saturday July 25th, 10:00am - 2:00pm, Dedication service at 10:00am (Flyer)

We will still be doing online enrollment (online is the preferred method of enrollment), but for those families who may have the need to enroll in person, here are the dates and times for all buildings (all buildings will go by these set dates and times):
Thursday, July 30 - 12:00pm-8:00pm
Friday, July 31 - 8:00am-4:00pm

NEW student enrollment-for students who are new to the district
Monday, August 3 - 8:00am-4:00pm
 July BOE meeting will be on Thursday, July 9.
Tongie Summer Lunch Crew
The Tongie Summer Lunch Crew program, offered by the School District and funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture will provide free lunch daily to youth’s age 1 to 18 years of age.  This means any youth, whether they are a student in the district or not; whether they are on the district’s free and reduced lunch program or not; whether they live in the state of Kansas or not.  So if there are families and grandparents that have grandchildren in from out of town….they are welcome to eat a free lunch!
The location for the Tongie Summer Lunch Crew program will be:
Tonganoxie Middle School,  824 Washington
11:30 am – 12:30 pm
June 1, 2015 to July 24, 2015  (closed July 3, 2015
Menu offerings will include stuffed crust pizza, cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets, cheese quesadilla, and there
will be an assortment of sides such as salad and fruit along with milk.

There are a few guidelines:  Adults are welcome to purchase a lunch for $3.40, however adults are prohibited from eating from their child’s tray and food cannot be carried out of the dining room area.  Additionally, there will only be one meal with predetermined side choices offered each day, so parents will need to be responsible for monitoring any food allergies their child may have themselves.
The Summer Lunch Menu is posted on the District website:
Join us and bring a friend for a free lunch and be a part of the Tongie Summer Lunch Crew!
Youth Age 1 to 18 – FREE LUNCH!! Adult Lunch - $3.40

If you are traveling and want to locate a summer meal program click on summer meal site locator tool to find a location near you. 
Any questions regarding the program contact Barb Smith (View Flyer) (menu)
TES Book Buggy
Studies have shown that children who do not read during the summer experience a loss of reading level. Unfortunately this loss is cumulative, so by the time kids get to middle school, students who do no summer reading could be as much as two years behind students who read over summer vacation!
That’s the bad news, here’s the great news! Children who read and have access to books do not have summer reading loss. In fact they can even grow over the summer, depending on how much they read.
(view flyer)
The 2015 summer strength & conditioning program. This summer is about discovering those who want to be fully committed to the 7-week program. Who will be entirely invested and driven to becoming a better athlete this summer? This will be achieved through your self-discipline,
attitude, and self- motivation. Buy in and you will be rewarded for it!  The components of
program include: technique/proper teaching progression, mobility, strength, power, speed,
agility, quickness, plyometrics, and conditioning. (more)

Summer Weights Calendar: (more)
Summer Flyer: (more)
Summer Enrollment: (more)
Free Early Childhood Developmental Screenings

As part of the Tonganoxie Basehor-Linwood Special Education Cooperative (TBLSEC) our future students are eligible for free developmental screenings offered once a month at convenient locations in Tonganoxie, Basehor, and Linwood. Children ages birth through five years can be checked for motor development, hearing, vision, personal/emotional and cognitive development, and communication skills.

Our next screenings are scheduled for Friday, June 5th, 8:30 – 11:30 amUSD 458 & USD 464 Special Education Office 3102 North 155th St. Basehor, KS 66007. So if you would like to schedule an appointment please call 913-724-2348. (More Information)
Student Absences

If your student will have to miss school or needs to leave school early for any reason, please contact the school's office as soon as possible to let them know.
  • High School - 913-845-3042
  • Middle School - 913-845-2627
  • Elementary - 913-845-2290
Each building sets rules concerning excused vs unexcused absences. These rules are published in each school's Student Handbook.

The district offers a variety of calendar options for our patrons.

Academic Year Calendar.

A 16-page Athletics and Activities Calendar - This calendar is designed primarily for parents and patrons. It contains the school-year schedule as well as athletic events, school activities, meetings, and a variety of other information.

Printed copies of these calendars will be available at the start of school at the District Administrative Center and in the school buildings. An updated monthly calendar will also be available in the buildings.

This online calendar is updated as changes occur; it will always be more accurate than the printed version.

Kaw Valley League/RSchoolToday High School Events Calendar - this subscription service will allow district patrons to view, search, filter and print a variety of calendars for high school events and activities. The calendar may also be accessed by going to then clicking Tonganoxie at the right side of the page.

Each building is responsible for the upkeep of their online athletics and events calendar, available by clicking the District Calendar link at the very top of the webpage, or going to the Schools menu then choosing the building.

Click the link above to open the current edition of the District Newsletter. 


At their September '12 meeting, the Board of Education approved new policies and procedures for requesting district facilities.

A Facility Use Packet has been developed to help patrons with the proper forms, contact information, and billing procedures.

If you currently use, or plan to use, district facilities, please take a look at the packet to help insure that the proper procedures are being followed. Feel free to print the packet so all the information is readily available.

To reserve a district facility:
  1. Call or visit the scheduling coordinator of the facility you wish to request. For TES, call Carlie Puhr at 913-845-2290. For TMS, call Mark Altman at 845-2627. For THS, (except the Chieftain Room) call Brent Smith at 845-3042. For the Chieftain Room, call Mary Welsh at 845-2654. They will be able to tell you if the facility is available when you need it.
  2. Once you have determined that the facility is available, fill out the Facility Request form and get a signature from the scheduling coordinator or administrator at the appropriate building.
  3. Send the completed and signed form, and insurance waiver if required, to Bill Seymour at the District Administrative Center. Fees will be assessed and you will be contacted about payment to secure the facility.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact the building administrator or the District Administrative Center.

If you are the parent or guardian of a student, you can receive SchoolMessenger texts on your cell phone if you don't already. To enroll in the SchoolMessenger texting system:
  • Make sure your cell is listed as the primary phone number in your student's Skyward account. Most non-emergency SchoolMessenger announcements are sent to the primary phone only. (If that is a land line, it will obviously not receive any texts). SchoolMessenger draws its contact information from Skyward, so accurate numbers are critical. For emergencies and school cancelations, all phone numbers are contacted, including the home, cell, primary, and work numbers. That's why sometimes you receive a text and sometimes you don't.
  • Use that cell phone to text Y or Yes to 68453. You should receive a confirmation text within a few minutes.